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Por Repair-Bas

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17-10-2021, 17:02


I am busy to make a lot of video’s on my YouTube channel.
Lot of tricks for extensions, repairs, old video’s and a lot of fun.

Please subscribe on my channel

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Por The Apeman

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17-10-2021, 17:42

Excellent! Subscribed via Freetube.

Por hamlet

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17-10-2021, 18:50

Subscribed, too. Smile

Por Prodatron

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17-10-2021, 22:51

Subscribed! Big smile

Por karloch

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17-10-2021, 23:45

Subscribed! Smile

Por dan

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18-10-2021, 07:35


Por erpirao

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18-10-2021, 16:48


Por aurix72

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18-10-2021, 19:31

Subscriber 100 !!

Por edoz

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18-10-2021, 20:20

Wow! I love the content from the recording videos of the fairs! Do you have more records from other fairs as well! Love to watch those! Do you have something from Almelo fairs? I was in Zandvoort in 1991 as well! I remembered some stands! Very cool!!!

Por Repair-Bas

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19-10-2021, 15:50

Almelo is added to my youtube channel, more videos are coming.

Por edoz

Prophet (2451)

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20-10-2021, 19:57

Wow cool! I love it thanks so much! I wend there every Monday evening Big smile

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