Yet another Konami MSX question

Por Vahan

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07-11-2021, 18:31

Not counting any repackaging, or any collections, I wonder how many unique games they produced that were released? I'd imagine that number is about 68.

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Por MajorTOM

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11-11-2021, 15:29

What about co-productions ? (Pooyan, etc..)
Are you also considering licensed software ?.. ( Konami games ported from other systems by third parties)?
WEC Le Mans, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, etc....

Por Vahan

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11-11-2021, 17:24

Pooyan felt like Hudson's work entirely, despite Konami's name on there.

And no, I am not considering the licensed stuff you mentioned.

Por hamlet

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11-11-2021, 18:42

Well then, Green Beret is not on your list.

Por thegeps

Paladin (954)

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11-11-2021, 20:49

Gren Beret isn't in anyone's list, I think... XD