Dual player cooperative game(s) for a 5yr old + dad


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14-12-2021, 00:36

Hi all
I recently dusted off my sv738 (modified to MSX2 + 1Meg RAM) to play some retro game with my 5 year old son.
He loved The Gauntlet (which I only have on paper discs for the SV328) and Konami twin bee (though its a bit difficult for him).
Anyone who has a game / recommendation for a co-operative game (2 joysticks where you play together)?
No competition games, since he get so pissed off when he looses...

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Por BlueCrystal

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14-12-2021, 00:39

Super Runner is fun. Kinda competative, but you can work together too I guess.

Por Amaury Carvalho

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14-12-2021, 14:45

Give a try to Cats Pots, Entombed and Amadeus Classical Beats.

All of them have a two player mode (joysticks recommended).

Por aoineko

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14-12-2021, 15:24

My favorite cooperative MSX games are: Ganbare Goemon, Bubble Bobble, Quinpl and Salamander.

And even if it's not really cooperative, Rune Master II is an excellent game for multiplayer. The competition is kind of "indirect".

Por dan

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14-12-2021, 19:39

super runner is great. played with daughter a lot in cooperative mode. mine did'nt like gaunlet although you can continue games. bubble bobble is her favourite game. as for shooters i would recommend superlaydock: your kid will be still alive when he gets shot and of course you can protect him from ennemies with your ship

Por gdx

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15-12-2021, 01:27

Apply this patch before play Bubble Bobble!

Por jepmsx

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15-12-2021, 06:39

I also play with my daughter Quarth, but I don't know if 5 years old are ready to solve the puzzle of the shapes. You can give it a try and decide if she is ready or keep it for later.

There's also Blade Lords (https://www.msx.org/pt-br/downloads/games/platform/blade-lords) from parallax that is similar to Bubble Bobble

Por SjaaQ

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15-12-2021, 09:19

Also try https://nopmsx.nl/dotattack/ Not really co-operative as in "help each other'", rather shoot each other.

Por hamlet

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15-12-2021, 09:33

Also take a look at dan's MSX and kids topic.

Por Jipe

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15-12-2021, 13:44

try Pairs and Rotors old ASCII games

Por gdx

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15-12-2021, 14:32

Laydock, Super Laydock !