A rare MSX system!

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23-07-2007, 03:03

Thanks for all your comments but remember,
This is my auction,
And the way I set them up is the way I set them up,
I posted this item on here for you to simpley look at it incase you wanted it or not,
And that is all you have the option to do,
So get of my back!
And your misleading comments will not be taken into consideration.
Buy it or don't
But STOP with the damn comments!


Por poke-1,170

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23-07-2007, 03:45

take it easy gringo, nobody is going to bite Wink
People just gave honest info about the price (as requested by yourself),
and I think people here pretty much know their stuff.

As stated, the computer isn't rare, msx never made it in the US realy,
but the 75b is realy quite common over here, I got 2 of them,one for
free the other for 10 bucks or so. That aside, it's not much of a special machine
either, not a turboR or 8280 or thingy with laserdisc. Price is often determined
by how much people realy want something and availability.
I guess you could call things rare if you're talking about obscure machines
that aren't easily available anywhere, good examples being zemmix consoles,
fm towns marty and other exotic goodies that don't pop up anywhere frequently.

and for the misleading price of more then 600$ I should realy consider taking a job selling
all my msx junk in the USA...seems good business is to be made there Wink

Por Manuel

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23-07-2007, 10:03

Hey guys, give me a break! Here in the US these systems do cost a lot. I have seen them up as high as $300 USD!! And on that link that msxrestarter/msxlover gave me the system is listed for 503 euros which converts to over $600 USD! I don't know when that site was posted, but the price on it is even higher than what I am asking.
I have revised the listing as you all have suggested. It is still an MSX system and they are still rare in the US. I took it to various computer repair shops and old computer sellers and not one of them knew what it was or what it would do.
I learned most of what I know about it from you and I appreciate your help. Thank you, but give me a break, I am new to the MSX world.

MSX is indeed very rare in the US, hardly anyone knows what it is. But still, MSX1 machines do not go that high there. If they do, the people who bid that amount are not very smart, as it would be much cheaper to import a better MSX (MSX2 or MSX2+) from e.g. Japan.

That 503 euros was the original price in 1985!! Really, the value today is about 25 USD max.

EDIT: ow, it seems most of this has already been said Smile

PS: I also find it misleading that you mention a lot of games in your auction that are MSX games, but cannot be played on the computer at action, as the games are for MSX2 and up. Only about 3 of that list are playable on that MSX....

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