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FutureDisk are proud to announce that all those who pre-ordered FutureDisk 46 will receive their floppy and a brand new mini-CD from Tadahiro Nitta, called “Coordimates.” The CD contains four new tracks that Nitta san composed on his beloved combination of YM2413 and PSG. He used Trilotracker for making this new music. The CD is released as a limited edition: 100 copies which are numbered. The album will be for sale at the fair in Nijmegen in combination with FutureDisk 46. Sold out = sold out. Grab yours while you can. Pre-orders for physical edition are closed.

Relevant link: Pre-order a digital edition
Relevant link: FutureDisk’s twitter
Relevant link: Tadahiro Nitta’s twitter

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Por Bas040

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16-03-2022, 22:31

Very nice news!

Por Grauw

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17-03-2022, 00:03

What an amazing bonus! Looking forward to the new FD!

Por piroyan

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17-03-2022, 12:02

Nitta-san's tweet:There is a promotion video for listening.

Por DTensoMSX

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17-03-2022, 19:37


Por LaDolceDols

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20-03-2022, 18:45

Thanks guys!