MSX game samples/demos ROMs. Where did they originate?

Por prototector

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16-07-2022, 23:06

I recently came across a ROM dump of the sample cartridge of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. It has apparently been floating around online for a very long time. Does anyone know where this originated?

Are there other ROM dumps of any of these sample MSX2 games, especially from Konami?

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Por meits

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16-07-2022, 23:46

They're genuine Konami cartridges meant to be reviewed by magazines or to be shown in shops.

Por prototector

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16-07-2022, 23:54

Yeah, I definitely know of those sample cartridges. Really interesting items. Konami also has them for Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive and probably others.

But the ROM dump of the Metal Gear sample demo, that's what I was surprised to discover. Are there more of these sample demos dumped out there?

Por Sandy Brand

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17-07-2022, 01:22

Do these sample/demos ROMs have special cheats built in to make it easier for the reviewers to do a play through, btw?

Por prototector

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17-07-2022, 01:25

Not that I know of. The ones that aren't identical to final usually end after 1 level/area/section in the game, with some splash screen messages to purchase the full game.

I'm still kind of curious if such a sample of Contra on MSX2 was ever found.

Por jsepl

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17-07-2022, 09:04

Or Space Manbow!

I'm pretty sure every game has some kind of sample for reviewing or display.