MSXdev22 #14 - Penguin Run

MSXdev22 #14 - Penguin Run

por MSXdev Team en 27-08-2022, 18:55
Tema: Challenges
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From Patrik's Retro Tech comes another challenge, best served ice cold. Here is Penguin Run, which will yield you to play the role of, you guessed it, a penguin, who's to makes its way across the icy plains of Antarctica.

Well, sure, most of us have helped a penguin to jump over holes in the ice at least once in our lives, but can you say you also did that in side-scrolling view? We didn't think so either!

If you would like to find out more about the chilling backstory of how this particular penguin got himself in so much trouble, we'd like to, as always, refer you to the official MSXdev site. It's right here, in the "Relevant link" section, as is ofcourse the link to play online, courtesy of The File Hunter.

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Relevant link: Penguin Run - MSXdev official
Relevant link: Penguin Run - play online

Comentarios (3)

Por shalafi

Expert (116)

Imagen del shalafi

28-08-2022, 01:48

It's cute and looks simple, but oh my it's also quite addictive!

Por mtn

Champion (269)

Imagen del mtn

28-08-2022, 11:51

Cute & very hard! Or maybe I just suck

Por Uninteresting

Champion (345)

Imagen del Uninteresting

04-09-2022, 12:12

Smoother scrolling than anything I've ever done. (My best: 91).