WebMSX - open ROM from local disk

Por albs_br

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10-11-2022, 12:29

Hi guys,
that should be a silly question, but I did some search and yet not able to do this:


If the parameter is a url it works perfectly. Any idea? Maybe running WebMSX locally?

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Por ray2day

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10-11-2022, 12:48

Por albs_br

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10-11-2022, 15:33

I already tried this, it doesn't work for me.

Por aoineko

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10-11-2022, 17:04

We already had this discussion. It's sadly not possible due to security limitation of JavaScript.
I wanted to add WebMSX to the emulator list supported by the MSXgl library but we didn't found other solution than using a online storage to launch a fresh built ROM file.