Problem with PX-V60 & LD-7000

Por gabbafiend

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06-02-2023, 22:17

I got some very helpful advice on an MSX issue here before, so I was wondering if you might have an idea what would might be the problem in this case?

I've a PX-V60 which also came with an I/O connector. The MSX is connected to an LD-7000 exactly as shown in the lower image here:

I'm was trying to start Badlands by typing "call ld" and pressing enter. The LD starts running from the beginning and also the superimposing works. But the game doesn't seem to load. There's no "Found: Badlnd" message and I also don't get any error message. The last message shown on the screen is the "call ld" text. I don't get the Konami title screen and can't start the game. Instead the LD just keeps showing all the animation.

I don't have another Palcom game to test but the Badlands Disc looks fine without any disc rot and also runs fine. The I/O connector looks fine as well.

Which part could be causing the trouble?

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Por st1mpy

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07-02-2023, 02:01

Can you hear anything? (data loading sound, or music?)

Por gabbafiend

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07-02-2023, 03:52

There is no data loading sound at all.

The ingame sound that comes directly from the laserdisc is clearly audible.

Por popolon_

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07-02-2023, 15:21

Are the rca audio cables fine? Can you test with other rca cables? Or swap left right in both ends to see if only one of cables is broken?

Por gabbafiend

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07-02-2023, 16:56

That's a good suggestion. Thanks!

Some of the rca cables are bit older and I didn't check before, if all of them work flawfless.

I'll test everything and let you know, if this might have been the problem.

Por gabbafiend

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08-02-2023, 06:08

I exchanged the rca cables and now Badlands runs without any problems.

Thanks a lot for the advice popolon_ and st1mpy!