Spectravideo colecovision adapter svi-603 schematics and pcb

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18-03-2023, 12:55

I redraw spectravideo colecovision adapter svi-603 from the blurry schematics from https://www.samdal.com/SVIDOCS/STM-F_SVI603.pdf
At the moment only thing is that what kind of cartridge connector would be used for coleco cartridges, as current one is not tall enough that i have (had to take pcb out from coleco game cartridge to test the game). And the spacing for rows is now 2.54mm, where there can be also 5.08mm row spacing (and also other values). And the connector towards the spectravideo, now it is 50 pin with 5.08mm spacing between rows, but there exists also connectors with spacing just 2.54mm (and many other spacings).
The kicad files and gerber for this can be found from https://github.com/popolonx/MSX_STUFF/tree/main/svi32x_colec...

Currently is seems to start the game with the coleco controller:

And if somebody asks why to make this, i though it would be easier than repair my fried original colecovision console (fried with spectravideo 328 power supply).

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