MMC/SD Drive V2.2

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Por Erikie

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19-01-2009, 15:52

Hi Cax,

Did you contact sharksym about the numpad issue? that is cool.
Shall we open a new topic in which we create more or less a user manual together with everyone who has such an interface?


Por cax

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19-01-2009, 16:49

I suggest to start from existing "MMC/SD drive newbie - need help" topic to share experience and use cases (e.g. "I got a drive and formatted SD card on it, and main partition was visible on Windows", etc.) so we will help each other to understand how this beast works.

I have feeling that after reading a manual and trying tools from UTILS folder on a built-in drive I still don't get a full picture. IMHO writing a doc starts from good understanding of a subject which I don't have at the moment.

I think by sharing our experiences we will find more solutions, workarounds and maybe some unsolvable issues that will require help from sharksym whom we will ask to fix/add this or that thing.

Por sinfox

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20-01-2009, 03:48

I read your suggestion, thnx for that. Unfortunately, I dont know English(one of my friend help me to translate but Im good at Japanese).
Therefore I am not able to do that. Sorry about that, but nice suggestion.

Thank you

Por usuario_msx2

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22-10-2009, 10:38

Por sharksym

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22-10-2009, 11:02

New bios for Sinfox SD/MMC Card by sharksym

nice work!

Thanks, usuario_msx2 :)

Por enribar

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29-10-2009, 18:24

Kind sharksym, is the utility MOVTEST.COM public domain?
I'd like to play some videos with the SD card:

Thankyou in advance

Por cax

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28-11-2009, 12:11

It seems Sharksym experiments with new flash chip.

Por gallego

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28-11-2009, 14:16

Good Morning everyone;

I´m considering working on one MMC/SD V2.2 now that I have some free time. As a matter of fact, I have all components with me, but the SCC, which will take some time to arrive here.

So, my question is, does it work flawless without the SCC?

All the best;


Por RetroTechie

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28-11-2009, 19:41

It seems Sharksym experiments with new flash chip.
(spotted download link for something called

Oh NOOOOooo... please! Not another Flash programming utility just for flashing a different manufacturer's Flash chip!!!

Continue that trend, and you'll have half a dozen differently named utils for re-programming the Flash ROM, and the user needing to figure out what type Flash part is inside a cartridge he just bought... CrazySadCryingCrazyFace (no not everyone who has one of these will know what Flash part is in there, and the chances of that will lower as an interface becomes more popular - read: more newbie users).

These Flash ROMs (afaik ALL) have some sort of Product Identification mode, usually these return a byte indicating manufacturer, and another byte indicating device type. Apply the required command sequence for a few known parts, and you can identify in software what part it is / what programming algorithm to use. And thus support a number of different Flash parts in the same programming utility. And share any code besides the actual programming (like file handling, command line processing, user prompts etc) between all of those.

2nd: If you add support for other Flash parts, then PLEASE do so for popular, cheap and/or easily available types. What you have in your spares box as developer, doesn't matter. What other people might use to build their Flash interfaces, does. Suggestions: common 2, 4 or 8 Mbit parts from AMD, Intel, or say, Winbond (which are often found on old PC mainboards).

Hell, just define a sharp line between Flash programming utility's generic code, the Flash programming code, and put out its source code. That way anyone can add a well-defined section to add support for Flash part XYZ to 'the' Flash programming tool.

Por Leo

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28-11-2009, 20:32

in fact they are all the same , the ST/AMD or atmel , the only sligth difference is the address for software portection & id code which can be found at address 5555h or 555h

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