Help to realise a MSX emulator on Iphone. Your help needed. Vote for it next week on

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Por Vampier

Prophet (2386)

Imagen del Vampier

26-08-2009, 19:52

Any more news on this project? Something like blueMSX would be great on the iPhone. Id def pay for it! Would be great if it was bundled with ROMS or if you could purchase them seperately. Also if Konami roms were made available for it on the app store Id be very happy with that!

Companies these days miss alot of tricks when it comes to Retro Gaming! Smile

the istore has already shot a retro emulator down.

Por karloch

Prophet (2147)

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27-08-2009, 00:42

A decent Windows Mobile emulator would be nice, but I didn't have enough time to dig more into the cegcc toolchain and openMSX... Maybe for iPhone is easier since it's POSIX based...

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

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11-06-2010, 22:51

A small bump for this thread.
Section 3.3.2 of the developer agreement has been changed and it seems it should now be possible to submit an emulator to the appstore:

so, when can we expect OpenMSX for iPhone? :-)

Por Ivan

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12-06-2010, 09:57

An MSX emulator for the iPhone (and the iPad) is a must. Most popular smartphone right now in my humble opinion (oh yes, openMSX would be very nice Smile )

Por Manuel

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12-06-2010, 12:02

The openMSX team will be glad to assist anyone in attempting a port! We don't have someone with an iPhone in the team (yet), so we are not working on one ourselves.

If you have a Nokia N900 though, you can already run openMSX on it Smile

Por mth

Champion (503)

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13-06-2010, 13:43

As far as I know Vampier has an iPhone, but he doesn't code in C++ and Objective C. A lot of coding will be required since there is no usable SDL for the iPhone yet (correct me if I'm wrong).

I do iPhone development for work and test on an iPod Touch. However, this means I am bound to Apple's licenses, which means I could only port openMSX to run MSX software embedded in the app itself and only embed software that the copyright holders have given permission for. So in practice that means those MSXDEV entries that run on C-BIOS. There are some good games among those, but so far it has not been enough to motivate me to do this instead of working on Dingux.

An additional problem is that the iPhone/iPod does not have a joypad, so games would have to be controlled either by tilting the device or by touching the screen. Neither method is ideal for games that have been designed for joysticks and keyboards.

Por muffie

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13-06-2010, 20:11

I have an iPhone and a Touch, and I can code in Objective C! Smile

BTW, mth, your apps/games are already out?

Por tomchap

Rookie (22)

Imagen del tomchap

26-06-2010, 22:59

Well I would def buy an msx emulator including rooms along with additional roms to be made available as and when as additional purchases.
This would help fun the hard work of all the passionate msx developer who work on it and bring it to fruitition.
I would even gift app it to a few people to eg my brother as he would also like and appreciate the app to.
I have a blog I would also promote it on and if graphics for the app were available eg promo material I would be happy to dedicate a section to the msx emulator app along with including promoting it on various other sites I visit.
I think the iPhones great so would be spot on it I could play my old favourite msx games on it along with possibly having the app in the new apple game centre for achievements, high scores etc this would self promote due to friends seeing what app your playing.
If website hosting would be required I would offer my services to as I currently have a reseller account which enables me to have my own webhosting site which I run with a friend as a hobby so I would help out as much as I can.
Good luck with the project, only wish I could program for the iPhone, plan to work on that at some point. Learn learn learn!

Por tomchap

Rookie (22)

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26-06-2010, 23:01

Also the commodore 64 and spectrum have apps available so it would be ok licence permitting for the msx to be emulated into an app.

Hope this happens.

Good luck

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

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20-09-2010, 10:57

Any status on an iPhone MSX emulator?
Apple has eased the rules again, now for instance the C64 emu allows for BASIC.

I want my MSX emu on iPad/iPhone :-)

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