My first MSX demo!

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Por Sdw

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28-12-2008, 16:43

My first MSX-demo is finished, thanks to everyone here who helped me get started with MSX coding!

The demo is called "Invasion of the big pixels", and you can download it from my website:

Here's a screenshot:

Oh, by the way, now everyone who helped me optimize in this thread ( finally get to see the result, it is the bumpmapper right at the start! LOL!

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Por Huey

Prophet (2654)

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28-12-2008, 16:57


Por hap

Paragon (2029)

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28-12-2008, 17:06


So, what's your opinion on MSX1 as a coding/demoing platform?

Por [WYZ]

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28-12-2008, 17:11


Por Sdw

Resident (50)

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28-12-2008, 17:46


So, what's your opinion on MSX1 as a coding/demoing platform?

This was the first time I worked with a VDP, all other platforms I have done demos on have had direct memory mapped graphics. I must say that I struggled a bit with that.
It worked fine for effects where you update stuff in the framebuffer in linear fashion (like all the effects seen in the demo), but there are some things where you'd want to do a bit more 'random' access, and with the VDP you get a HUGE penalty every time you want to change address.
On the other hand the 64x48 mode was very nice, on most other platforms (like the C64) you'd have to do software-driven modes to get the big-pixel chunky stuff, but here it was built-in.

Por dvik

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28-12-2008, 18:59

The demo is great ! Long live the Swedes Wink

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

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28-12-2008, 19:06

Great use of screen modes. I love that you used all four screen modes. The screen 3 part is really cool, probably my favorite. Its showing some unique features of the MSX. The big sprites are also used very nicely. The way they are placed on the screen sortof removes the feeling that its a 4 sprites per scanline limitation. Great demo !

Por Hrothgar

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28-12-2008, 19:25

A very amusing demo! Your comments on Screen 3 are nice as that's widely regarded as the most useless screen mode MSX has.

Can we also expect MSX2 endeavours from your side in the future, as that's the machine you have?

Por spl

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28-12-2008, 20:36

Outstanding demo!!!!


Enlighted (6428)

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28-12-2008, 20:41

Great !!! I like it a lot !!!
Is this the first time you code in asm z80, or only the first time on msx ?

Por Vampier

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28-12-2008, 21:12 done to test it on cbios

I converted the demo into a rom (forced 50hz)

This is one of the best demo's i've ever seen on a msx1.

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