Been to Nijmegen and bringing home...

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Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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25-01-2009, 01:21


Por Huey

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25-01-2009, 10:29

I got me a Maze of Gallious \o/

Por dioniso

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25-01-2009, 12:04


Oops! Obviously you are not this guy... :-?

Por OeiOeiVogeltje

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25-01-2009, 12:16


Por Haohmaru

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25-01-2009, 12:26

I got home with:

a couple of ASCII carts and a Falcom RPG
Konami ********** 1 + 2
SCSI Zip drive
Spectravideo SVI-738 with a borked power unit and iffy diskdrive

... and an empty wallet Wink

Por Lord_Zett

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25-01-2009, 12:34

I've got 6 super cool msxes:

hb f9p
hb 501 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx a 1000 times
hb 201
ax-170 aribian msx
cf-200 grey!!

more things,

memory 512kb
and a ide interface,
i hope sunrise can fix it!

Por Abi

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25-01-2009, 14:57

I got home with:

Kings valley (Complete)
Roller Ball (Complete)
Super boy II ? / Mario bros Clone (korean cartridge)
Muziek module with 256kb sample ram and Dos2? in box with manuals.
MVM clubmagazines i missed Smile
And after some great social talks i got the mood to make something for the MSX (hope i can kept the mood and some extra time).

On my way home i picked up the next MSX stuff:
FM-Pac (complete)
MSX audio + Keyboard (C=)
NMS 8235
NMS 8250
VG 8020
Kings Valley 2 with SCC switch
MSX mouse
And a VW0030 printer :S

So my wallet is more as empty.

Por Manuel

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25-01-2009, 14:58

I finally got a Sanyo PHC-35J! Smile

Por RetroTechie

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26-01-2009, 00:51

I got my CF-reader back from Poke Smile

You lucky dude... I emailed Sunrise some weeks ago about availability and pricing for CF interface. Got a mail back saying 'thank you for your order'. Hmm, overly optimistic... Anyway, I decided to wait for Nijmegen to save postage, avoid a 'pay now & then wait (forever?)' situation, and perhaps check out alternatives.

Surprise, surprise... Sunrise was out of stock, couldn't help me in any way (also no plans for another production batch), and no CF interface (of any kind) to be found for sale. I know MSX world is small, but this was rather disappointing. I'll probably look elsewhere now... Sunrise, unless you make a move fast you've lost at least 1 sale yesterday!!

Did pick up a very nice Sony HB-F1 though (japanese MSX2 without floppy drive, 100 Volt AC supply). Checked out its internals today: not as modding- / repair-friendly as I had hoped it to be, but everything was working fine. Construction-wise this model made a low-cost impression, unlike other Sony MSX machines I've seen. Perhaps it was an 'aftermarket' model targeted at Japanese that already had an MSX1 with external floppy drive, but no budget to buy an MSX2+ or Turbo-R. Makes me doubt whether I'll actually *use* this machine, but... damn it looks so nice LOL!

Por poke-1,170

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26-01-2009, 04:15

got home with this

I'm realy happy with that, though I hid it a bit better then Lord zett hihi :)
Someone also had a sony hit bit with a great box, it had some anime gundam ish robot on the box.
Also happy to have a fixed and cleaned sanyo wavy 23 back from Manuel, and I got home with some in depth
FM knowledge, thanks to wolf_ and msd :) thanks chaps !

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