Green Beret on disk from Konami

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Por Repair-Bas

Paragon (1175)

Imagen del Repair-Bas

09-03-2009, 17:42

I have one here complete in box.

But some people do not believe it that I bought this one years ago in the computer-shop.

Now there is another one one Ebay:

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Por Sama

Ambassador (2068)

Imagen del Sama

09-03-2009, 18:05

I have it too. Without box, though.

Por mohai

Paladin (1007)

Imagen del mohai

09-03-2009, 20:46

Poor game to waste a full disk.

Is it a ROM dump with the ususal loader or, is there anything else in the disk?
Could it be a demo or beta version?

Curious that the label looks exactly the same than the cart one.

I would be nice if you can compare both formats, game codes (i think this one was KNxxx or something...)

Por RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1327)

Imagen del RobertVroemisse

09-03-2009, 22:38

Why is it a 3M disc and not one with a nice Konami logo like Snatcher?

Por Repair-Bas

Paragon (1175)

Imagen del Repair-Bas

10-03-2009, 11:24

ask Konami

Por alexworp3

Expert (126)

Imagen del alexworp3

10-03-2009, 11:35

to me it looks like a fake

Por Repair-Bas

Paragon (1175)

Imagen del Repair-Bas

10-03-2009, 12:56

It is not fake

I bought an original in the shops.
This was cheaper as the cart-version.

Por pitpan

Prophet (3155)

Imagen del pitpan

10-03-2009, 15:47

I'd like to know the contents of the disk, as asked above, just to know if it is just a ROM image and loaders or it does include some more code/features. Has it got any protection? Does it use MSX-DOS or MSX-BASIC?

Por Jipe

Paragon (1614)

Imagen del Jipe

10-03-2009, 16:28

i bought this disk in a shop has Paris and is also a 3M
green beret is not a made in japan game but is UK
the box is the same one as the cartridge version and right a label stuck with the number differs

not loader basic or asm but i think is sector acces , diskmanager don't work with it

Por Manuel

Ascended (19469)

Imagen del Manuel

10-03-2009, 18:43

Diskmanager shoudl be able to work with sector based disks...

Por Jipe

Paragon (1614)

Imagen del Jipe

10-03-2009, 18:52

i think the format 360k 1DD is not recognized with my PC

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