Transfer from .DSK to real using my Amiga 1200...

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Por foody

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28-04-2009, 08:16


I have a huge MSX games in disk collections and I would like to transfer the .DSK images to the real thing, I own an Amiga 1200 and I am using the MSX emulator in the Amiga 1200. I know I can simply use the .DSK image directly in the emulator but I am curious in case I would like to have the feel of the floppy crunching away. What is the command I can use in the Amiga to transfer the images to the floppy disk, I already toke a blank disk and the emulator from the inside to format the disk. I love it, when I insert the disk my Amiga 1200 detects it as unreadable, because using the disk drive on the Amiga 1200 itself, it have turned that floppy disk from Amiga to a real MSX content. Now if I was to take the same disk to an actual MSX machine, the MSX machine will read it. I literally feel now I own the actual machine on my A1200 system, but to get the complete feel of the system I need those .DSK to turn to floppy disk. I can easily buy blank disks, but how do I turn them into those disk using an Amiga 1200 and not a PC? Thanks in advance.

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Por roadfighter

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28-04-2009, 10:53

Can you read the msx disk on your Amiga ?
You can add a df0 to your start up in the Amiga boot proces so you can read ms-dos floppy's
If you do so you will be able to read msx disks to.

Por lagers

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28-04-2009, 11:55

Crossdos is the magic word here.

Por foody

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28-04-2009, 14:15

With that logic I don't even need to go that far. I simply put the .dsk image in an Amiga formatted disk and run the virtual disk drive on the emulator and point it to the disk instead of the HD and run the virtual disk image there and bang. * rolls eyes * I am sorry that is not what I wanted, what I wanted is a DOS command or something in the AmigaOS that takes the actual .dsk image of the MSX and reburn it back on the disk. Not run the virtual disk drive on the emulator and place the imaged MSX disk on an Amiga disk and run it there. I could have done it on the HD and save me space, money and speed and I would not even bothered post this from the first place and saved you guys bytes on the server. But I know about that ALREADY, what I really wanted is to actually reburn the .dsk image BACK to the floppy disk. I know that this is easily done on a PC but I don't have a disk drive on my PC and I own an Amiga already, and I figured there is away to do this on the Amiga instead of the PC.

Por nikodr

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28-04-2009, 14:58

Hey i have got an a1200 too though i dont use it anymore.I will check when i go home.I remember there must be some kind of way to write dsk files back to pc0.Or a special kind of mountlist that would take virtual files.I have to check it though.Will post again when i have the way!


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28-04-2009, 17:04

I have absolutely no idea, what I'm talking about, but try "dcp" from:

Por foody

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28-04-2009, 17:10

I thank you for trying NYYRIKKI but there is no way I am going to bore my Amiga 1200 for it to read Linux contents Big smile I treat my Amiga 1200 as a toy and it should only run toys for it is my favorite toy in the house Big smile. When I run MSX on my Amiga 1200 I feel I am RUNNING THE real MSX, that is the biggest REASON why I want those .dsk to be read on REAL DISK. If there is away to have an external Cartridge slot so that the MSX emulator run the games on REAL cartridge instead of .ROM I would buy that to complete my MSX set instead of buying the real MSX system. Now, if only my Amiga can handle more complext systems, like SNES, Sega, etc it would be the PERFECT machine for ALL THE TOYS. Somehow, when I play them on Amiga 1200 IT IS DIFFERENT THAN PC, the GRAPHICS are IDENTICAL TO THE REAL thing, verses the PC, it emulator on a PC Sad

Por SLotman

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28-04-2009, 18:15

No emulator on Amiga (or even on PC!) can faithfully reproduce a real MSX (they get pretty close on PC, but still...) Tongue

You are probably playing the games on incorrect speeds, with glitches everywhere and you don't even notice it!
If you can, watch the games on the real machine... then you'll see the difference Cool

Since you can't do it on your PC, you should look on Amiga sites for tools to write raw disks images (that's what DSKs are) to real disks. They probably can help you much better than people here.

but really, emulating MSX on an Amiga (at least here in Brazil) would be considered heresy... Tongue

Por bore

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28-04-2009, 20:01

For transfering raw disk images to disk I recommend
I have not tried it with MSX disk images, but it appears to be quite generic

I guess the old DMS-tools should work too, since unpacked DMS-files are raw images aswell.

[EDIT] You must specify pc0: as device, if you try with df0: I assume that things will go bork [/EDIT]

Por foody

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28-04-2009, 21:33

Wait, first you guys dish the real thing and discourage me heavily from getting the real thing and now you are telling me the real thing is da bomb. I am confused!!

Por esau

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29-04-2009, 00:57

Yes, transADF should be what you're looking for. Personally I do all crossdeveloping on my Amiga, and crossdos can read MSX-disks that are formatted on a real MSX, if I format them on Amiga, the MSX can't read them. And I remember I had to try different versions of crossdos before I got it to work.

I'm curious, what Amiga setup do you have? turboboard? Graphicscard? I tried an MSX-emulator on Amiga a long time ago, and things didn't work well at all.

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