development of MSX emulator for mobile phones / iphone

Por st1mpy

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27-10-2009, 10:17

It would be cool if people involved in MSX emulator development (OpenMSX, Blue MSX etc) used the SDK below for development of their mobile phone versions. If any developers are interested, pls contact me.

Link to pocket gamer article below (link to the actual SDK site is in the article)

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Por Manuel

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27-10-2009, 19:10

Except that it is not really free (gratis), only an evaluation version is:

As the SDK is only available for Windows, the chance is not big that openMSX will be ported to iPhone using that SDK. But hey, maybe someone steps up.... I'm not even sure the whole thing would be compatible with the GPL (the license of both openMSX and blueMSX).

Por st1mpy

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27-10-2009, 23:56

For developing and distributing iphone apps it is free for indie developers.
Or for other platforms, it is just $99.
You need Windows (Visual Studio) to develop but it does support iphone (a mac is also required for signing.)

Regarding the GPL issue, thats up to the developers of those emulators anyway?

Por turbor

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28-10-2009, 00:38

You need Windows (Visual Studio) to develop
That is the first problem, the majority of the openMSX developers use Linux as their main OS of choice for developing openMSX. You can find our (in the past regular) calls for a win32 developer on our homepage Smile
Regarding the GPL issue, thats up to the developers of those emulators anyway?
No, if that SDK links in a library of their own, then we need that library to be GPL'ed also. If that library comes with GPL-incompatible restrictions then it conflicts (license wise) with the rest of our code, and we can/will not use it.

Por Vampier

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28-10-2009, 07:37

I don't think mfeingol (our windows guru) has an iphone. I have an iphone but I don't have the knowledge to port it (I attempted it with aptget Tongue)

st1mpy if you want to port it I'm all game Smile I'll try to assist as good as posible.

One thing: the openMSX devs have already put a lot of time and money in the development of openMSX (think about the gp2x units / wiis / dingoos / new hardware / webhosting) and since we don't take donations (individuals might though) I personally don't feel like whipping $99/year out to start porting to a 'legal' emulator which will be blocked by apple anyway.

openMSX is my favorite hobby and I think I speak for us all when I say 'we take pride in what we are doing and all should be fun to do' it's how this project has survived for the last 8+ years.

All hardware probably will be supported one day if the platforms are accessible enough.