MSX in the media !

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Por Wlcracks

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06-03-2020, 15:37

monochrome monitor and the joystick in the wrong socket!

Por Pac

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19-08-2020, 23:55

Netflix documentary series High Score episode 2 about video games history. At 32:27 minute it is displayed a Japanese game shop with a big Mario on the left. On the right there is a cabinet containing some MSX games such as Space Manbow, Valis, Scramble Formation, YS (I think) and a couple of more games but I'm unable to recognize them.

Por Manuel

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24-10-2020, 10:50 more attention for our beloved system.

Por Moniz

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26-10-2020, 15:45


more attention for our beloved system

Nice video!
BG Ollie made a funny "remix" of that video Big smile


Por ray2day

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26-10-2020, 19:14

Cool LOL!

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