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15-08-2003, 13:22

Not a very original nickname (real first name + first letter of lastname), but thought up in a hurry because I was curious about the forum Smile
My name is Kjeld and I live in Holland (BTW it strikes me that a lot of MSX people are Dutch).
When I was about 12 (1985 or so) we got a Sony Hitbit MSX2 with a datrecorder. I started programming machine code, which became a sort of addiction. I spend a lot of time attempting to build tools which I have never finished because I used a bad copy of Champ assembler which generally sucked. Sad
Well, from 1991 until today I have never touched the MSX again, mostly because of other interests, hobbies, work, school. I did switch to a Philips V8288 (?) the one with video capabilities.
Today I am a Java developer and I'd like to pick up a little MSX programming!

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Por Meits

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30-01-2004, 20:50

Your nick sounds norwegian to me... Kanskje du har lit norsk blot?

Por anonymous

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30-01-2004, 23:05

If you know IRC, you can visit #msxdev on Rizon.
Otherwise there are sites to get you started, MAP, MSX Banzai!, and ofcourse the development forum on this very website.

Por Bart

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30-01-2004, 23:08

I did switch to a Philips V8288 (?) the one with video capabilities.

You prolly mean the NMS 8280 ...

Just something you already know, but are still denying: Java sucks ! Wink