MSX James Bond games

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17-04-2010, 14:20


As far as I can remember 3 games were released in tape format:

A View to Kill 1986
The Living Daylights 1987
License to Kill 1989

Does anyone know whether they have been converted to .dsk or .rom format for easier playability? Can't find them...

generation-msx lists License to Kill as an MSX-MSX2 game. Does anyone know whether an MSX2-specific version was released?

Greetings and thanks!

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17-04-2010, 22:02

AFAIK, all were released on disk. Check out TOSEC, they sould be listed there.

They're all MSX1 games. Although A View to a Kill has sub-par gameplay, but the opening is interesting - the classic intro with the theme being played! Cool