Redump Needed : Daewoo MSX2 CPC-300E

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18-04-2010, 17:20


MSX2 Daewoo IQ-2000 CPC-300E must be re-dumped!
Original CPC-300E doesn't show date / time menu.
It is not dumped correctly on bluemsx resource page.
If anyone have CPC-300E, can you dump it correctly with

CPC-300E firmware must be re-dumped correctly from Slot0-0 to 0-3.

For example : dump Binary on Slot 0-0 with MSX-DOS 1.0x


Primary Slot : 0
Secondary Slot : 0
MegaROM (y/n)? n
Begin Address : 0000
End Address : FFFF

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18-04-2010, 17:51

Hi Atarulum Smile