Midi 2 Fmpac Conversion

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By norakomi

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14-01-2012, 17:03

I have been working on a way to convert midi files to musica formaat.
I have tested a lot of converted songs and they sound very nice,
the replayer for musica is also quite fast.

If people are intersted, I would love to share my work.

A little bit of info:
I found a music ripper for SNES and NES games, and I found a converter for these
songs to midi. 
Then I found a program that converts midi to mml,
and then me and retrocanada worked on a program to convert the mml code to
readable musica code, using 6 instrument Fmpac channels AND the drum channel.

So now we can succesfully playback any (S)NES game song or midi song.
In my oppinion quite handy.

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By snout

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14-01-2012, 17:33

Sounds REALLY interesting, Norakomi! Musica is indeed an undiscovered gem for creating great multi-chip (PSG/FM/SCC) MSX tunes with a fast replayer. It does take quite a change of mind to get the hang of MML, but it's worth it. 

As for the tool - I'm confident quite a few visitors will want to give it a try. You can, if you like, upload the utility to our downloads corner yourself. Looking forward to it!

By popolon33

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14-01-2012, 19:04

mml2msd for Windows ("mabinogi 3mle mml format" to "musica msd music format")

By Oscar

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14-01-2012, 20:46


What program do you use for converting .spc to .mid?

By popolon33

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14-01-2012, 21:47

By Oscar

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14-01-2012, 21:58

I have tried this but I think its too much simple, the start-stop file playing is a bit strange. Playing begin just when the file is loaded, you must to stop playing as fast you can and select save to midi option... then the file has been played fot a bit and you can´t restart from begining.

By popolon33

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14-01-2012, 22:22

sorry, i don't know SPC format, did you try SPC Tool (DOS) ?

By norakomi

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15-01-2012, 08:38

about SPC2Midi, just open the program and open your midi,
Yes the song will start playing, but that doesn't influence the midi file you output.
It's just playing so you can hear how the midi will sound ^__^
So just click on save midi, and enter 100 seconds as lenght.
then you will have your midi file perfectly.

And lol, I didn't know there was already a tool to convert SPC to .MSD (musica file).
That's exactly what I have been working on the last month ^__^ hahahah.

Anyway I tested this tool, and the results are quite bad.
Here are 2 songs (saved as mp3) converted from midi2mml and then from mml2msd:

[EDIT] I have huge problems adding these links, it's best if you copy-paste these addresses
and open them yourself in a new window


And here are the same songs converted ALSO from midi2mml, but then converted from mml2msd my way:


However the way I convert midi files to musica is not done in one step.
First the midi file needs to be prepared.
To do this I use Cubase SX.

Step 1.
In Cubase SX I first add markers in my midi file which will (in the final
conversion step) convert all the channels into individual strings,
so the channels get chopped up.
This is for 2 reasons:
1. so strings which are identical wont get stored twice, saving lots of discspace.
2. the first string wont get looped, so you can use songs with an intro.

Step 2.
Next step in Cubase SX is adapting the drums to work for the conversion proces.
And the same thing with adding volumes and modulation, tremolo etc.
Then the file is ready to be processed.

By popolon33

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15-01-2012, 10:02

for mml2msd, look here :
you can do most of the preconversion work in 3ML Editor :

By anonymous

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15-01-2012, 16:54

Hi friends...

..I'm the author of mml2msd that's hosted at Sourceforge.net and can be found at OldSkoolTech's project repository, found at the link below....


In 2011 I've written 4 articles to explain the process to convert midi to something playable on MSX and these articles can be found at these links below...


@Popolon33 I heard your excellent music work in the MSX Village forum, found at the link below ...


...and I found your work here ....


...sounds great (I think that's your work Am I right ?).

Let me know if you're using mml2msd to convert your musics to MSX.

If anyone is using a modified version of mml2msd source code, please consider to re-sharing again to community preserving the open source spirit to share knowledge and help future musicians and developers to create good stuff to msx.

If you need a repository to post the modified mml2msd, consider put it to OldSkoolTech repository avoiding to fragment this project to multiples repositories.



By retrocanada76

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15-01-2012, 18:36

Hi popolon,

We made a new parser from scratch in python. Noakomi added some markers that helps to split the strings, select drum channels and correct instrumenting.

Python is really great for parsing text files.

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