ASM tutorials and sources?

By diabolus

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15-02-2003, 11:04

I would like to start doing some assembly coding for my MSX1 and I couldn't find any tutorials for it in internet. Do you people know where I could find some assembly sources or tutorials for this wonderful machine. Or if you can do assembly yourself, maybe you could make your own tutorial for others to learn ML coding. Some easy stuff for starters, like scroll routines ,picture viewing etc. I'm sure that there are quite a lot of people who would interested in MSX assembly coding, so please help us. Maybe this site could make a section specially for it?

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By Grauw

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15-02-2003, 14:01

I and a couple of other people are working on such a site, the MSX Assembly Page. It is still unfinished and not 'officially' released yet, but you can already take a look at it at (the easy url), or (the actual url).

Also, you could take a look at The TI-83 and related calculators also have a Z80 in them, and there are quite a lot of TI-83 sites which have Z80 documentation/tutorials on them. If you know how the Z80 works, a next good step would be to experiment a little with calling some BIOS functions, and after that perhaps some fiddling with the VDP.


By msxhans

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15-02-2003, 15:03

Lots of sources of actual MSX programs and Z80 assembly courses etc at

By diabolus

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16-02-2003, 22:51

Thank you very much for the links. Great sites you got there, just what I've been looking for! Hope you guys update this pages often so that we can learn more and more. Keep up the good work you're doing for the MSX.

By snout

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16-02-2003, 22:56

Enjoy programming the MSX! If you ever get stuck coding, feel free to post your questions in this forum Wink

By anonymous

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17-02-2003, 01:25

Also, on the #msxdev IRC channel (Rizon network) are experienced programmers that you can ask questions. Visit the #msxdev page for more information and a browser-based chat.