C-BIOS or another MSX ROM BIOS with appropriate license

By Eugeny_Brychkov

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19-09-2011, 09:02

Hi guys, I need to use some kind of ROM BIOS image within GR8BIT.
I looked at C-BIOS, and it seems it is not in development for some time already.
Are there any working alternatives providing maximal usability to the system with it?

And by the way, who is an owner of intellectual property for the standard MSX2+ ROM (BASIC)? Is it Microsoft? Is it ASCII? Is it MSXLC? It is available in the internet, in some emulators, but with which license? Were there any cases when you had been approached regarding usage of this IP?

If you do not want to write here in the forum please send comments to me by email. Your opinion and experience on that is important for the project, and will add significant value to the future users!

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By pitpan

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19-09-2011, 09:48

Formal answer: MSX-BASIC and MSX-BIOS are still copyrighted. Who's the owner? No idea. There was a lot of copyright movement lately (MSX Association, etc.)

Practical answer: get them, hack them removing the logos and copyright notice. Add a nice font, change default colours. No-one will know/care about it.

By jltursan

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19-09-2011, 13:24

Absolutely agree with the practical answer, the formal one is always up to everyone; but usually means that no one does nothing Tongue

Every system other than MSX has their own hacked ROMS, more or less disposable on the net. I'm not aware of a single hacked BIOS of MSX (not counting fast diskroms or keyboard map modified ones). C-BIOS is a still promising project; but seems a bit stalled and apart from legal advantages, I'm not sure about their stronger points.

By Manuel

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19-09-2011, 13:31

C-BIOS is not very much actively worked on, but it's not dead either. Contributions are most welcome!

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