Compile and link huge ASM program

By Eugeny_Brychkov

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18-09-2011, 20:30

Hi guys, I have a huge program, about 500K code in size (with comments). Are there any ASM compilers and linkers which can handle such a size? Output binary code is not expected to exceed 32KiB. Splitting into smaller chunks is not desirable as there're a lot of interlinks. Any suggestions?

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By wolf_

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18-09-2011, 21:53



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18-09-2011, 22:04

Hitech C v7.8p2 has a nice assembler and linker
My projects are about 1M and the result is 128K or 512K

By Eugeny_Brychkov

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18-09-2011, 22:55

Please describe where to get it and how to use it (in email). Thanks in advance!

By sd_snatcher

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18-09-2011, 23:03

I do recommend SjASMPlus. It's an excellent assembler, and I use it for all my projects now.

By retrocanada76

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18-09-2011, 23:50

Well in last case you can use sed or any other reg exp to remove the comments, right ?

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