Crystal clean PCM 8bit samples on the poor PSG

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By chrisborn

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16-04-2018, 16:35

ARTRAG wrote:

Hi Chris, have you tested your replayer with the data from the encoder?



Which parameters for delays do you need to tune the weights in the Viterbi search?
They should be equal to the time in your replayer between two updates of psg channels

i noticed that part. i had to read it a few times before i got the message. i work in linux so i use 'wine' .
i tried a 'plop' sound but i have a little fight with wine, the linux windows-emulator.
plop.wav , plop_msx_rle.bin
so i made a batchfile to win the 'wine' struggle

ECHO pcmenc for msx
pcmenc.exe -p 0 -cpuf 3546900 -dt1 97 -dt2 97 -dt3 176 -a 115 -c 2 -i 2  54321.wav

but the timing will differ, so it would be nice if the batchfile has some inteligence and helps calculating the true cq needed sample length in tstate.

for ZX i work with PASMO and KATE. maybe i manage to fetch it all in the batchfile, but thats a new adventure for itselve.

i started a page but its a big mess
i linked to an online zx spectrum emulator, so this is the working 'plop' with 256 deifferent delays:
the disturbing cliking sound might be the actual msx player inside the BIN *_*

you FIRST have to click LEFT in the border, then the QAOP menu appears and then you have to click on "AY" , if it shows the DOT its activated. it has to do with the snapshot used.
but "once" the ay is realy activated click on the zx screen again and press enter.

By chrisborn

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16-04-2018, 16:52

btw, the docfile off pcmenc has a typo error

-p     Packing type:                b7...b5|b4...b0
0 = 4bit RLE (default)   run len|PSG vol
1 = 3 bit RLE; as before but b5 =0

afaik it should be bit 4, which is the 5th bit indeed, but since the bitNUMBERing starts at 0 its bit 4 thats not touched.

-p     Packing type:                b7...b4|b3...b0 %1111 1111
0 = 4bit RLE (default)   run len|PSG vol %1111 1111
1 = 3 bit RLE; as before but b4 =0 %1110 1111 

erhm, it looks messy already. ineed a 'preview' or a 'cancel' button.
ps i am dyslectic

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