MSX 1 smoothscroller general purpose engine

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By hit9918

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11-09-2011, 06:07

After a bugfix another release, .

Along with a sketch of a new shooter level.
Scrolls like a NES, but some tiles got a bit much color, is it maybe a Sega Master System? :)

It runs multi-colortable, every scroll position got its own colortable.

I settled with this path. There are many pathes. E.g. one could have a charloader that assembles a scrolled char with shift lookuptables, this would mean no more 8x memory consumption! On the other hand, for me so far the idea "lower 32k RAM lost and then I got a scroller console" worked out.

By JohnHassink

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11-09-2011, 06:26

I got no msxdev plans

By MäSäXi

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11-09-2011, 11:32

It´s hard to understand what my eyes are seeing!!!!!!! Big smile

But I must believe it as I can see it! Smile

It´s a confusing thought to think if Nemesis and it´s descendants were scrolling like this.......... Big smile

By hit9918

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12-09-2011, 01:11

It´s a confusing thought to think if Nemesis and it´s descendants were scrolling like this.......... Big smile

And Knightmare and Twin-Bee etc etc Smile A problem is that I see more possibilities than I can code Smile2

I got dreams of a blue sky game. It would actually start with black background and a ghost n goblins hill Wink Like, put in some games you were missing.
Then you leave the forest and there is blue sky and maybe greek knightmare buildings in side view. Later maybe some jumping up is needed as in Mario or on Turrican hill, and then walk over a Green Beret bridge LOL!

By pitpan

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12-09-2011, 08:04

Nice. But could anyone made a game out of this? I'm not nitpicking, but I feel my hunger for new games increasing! Wink

By hit9918

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19-01-2012, 04:45

Oh the secrets of TMS! Wanna see a  PHOTO  smoothscrolling on MSX1 ? LOL!
Scrollable screen 2 graphics are more limited and harder to draw than screen 2. After writing a converter and feeding it some graphics, I could see things. Secret things LOL!
Wanna see gradius scroll fixed? Save the image to tst.gif and run the converter. Ok, the scroller engine may go out of memory, still what you see is scrollable graphics, you can see the potential of this mode. Similar to screen 2 converters, but even more dramatic, results range between "ouch" and "wow this is scrollable".
The tool can be used as feedback to get more than just linecolor, stuff tiles next to each other and see the scrollable version.

Note the graphics need not only 8x patterntable but also 8x colortable. Like 8 x-positions running through a normal screen 2 converter. Having the charset only 1 time in ROM needs decoding the other versions in a PSET style.

By hit9918

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03-02-2012, 23:09

Maybe I should mention that aside the techtalk there is an MSX demo. In the "msxfiles" directory.
You will meet an MSX mascot.

By hit9918

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11-04-2012, 01:09

I post it here because big posting.

"Note that many tricks are possible nowaday using modern PCs to encode and optimize
(look e.g. at your smooth scroller"

PC tool is only for convenience. One could write an MSX tool that works just char based.
Have some scroll sets that define which char moves to which one. Doable in the 80s.
When the company got the tool, it can shell out one scroller game after the other.

Latest news out of the scroller lab Smile

Trading some speed in the charloader, it can be done in 2.5x memory consumption instead 8x memory consumption.
Instead 8 pattern bytes, there are 2 bytes, shifting 16 pixels into that 8 pixel char.
Instead 8 color bytes, there are 3 bytes: two different color bytes, and another byte telling above which scroll position to use the second byte.
It still is the max scrollable screen 2 mode, multicolortable.

I haven't tested this, it is just on paper.
Currently I don't really have RAM trouble, but good to know that there is a method for big games.

5 bytes alloc structure + 8 * 5 bytes = 45 bytes per char.
32k RAM would give 728 chars. Draw huge gfx like 16bit games Big smile
The figure is real, for the 16bit nametable can address that!
Just make sure not more than 128 chars per charset get onscreen (because doublebuffering).

You know, all this runs my head when I talk of all the "tricks".
On the MSX one still can find tricks. It is not exhausted.

;the encoder make sure that a used color always stay in same nibble so pattern bits dont flip in the next scroll step.

;16 pixels pattern

11 POP bc ;2 byte from 16 pixel pattern of a char
5 ld e,c
8 ld a,(de) ;shift LUT for left byte
5 ld l,b
8 or (hl) ;shift LUT for right byte
12 out 98

;3 bytes color

8 cp (hl) ;color2Xpos
7 inc hl
11 jp xx,docolor2
18 outi
7 inc hl ;skip color2

inc hl ;skip color1

By PingPong

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11-04-2012, 19:58

hit9918: start to think to a bit more chuncky mode like 4x1 or 4x2 scroll mode. the 4x allows for a little color pushed in because of colorspill being "aligned" to 4 pixels.... no one tryed to think about this.... just a hint

By Miguel_Noe

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11-04-2012, 22:19


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