supermario world for msx

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By iamweasel2

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26-10-2016, 21:47

Any news about this great project?

By Daemos

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01-12-2016, 20:48

Currently we are temporary on hold. No stress its just superbusy over here. I have my first exam classes and they are more difficult than most other students (pffff motivation is a real issue with 16 yr olds). Norakomi is somewhere between some dimensions enjoying the good things about life but we made a deal to restart our work in December and thats in about a week. 3 more weeks and I will have 2 weeks of vacation. So that december + vacation = finally progress on the project.

No worries we will keep in touch and I will start updating as soon as we are back up.

By Daemos

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23-12-2016, 21:52

bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs.

pffff last commit 5 months ago. Still warming up but maplevel03-02 is almost finished. There is a small chance we will be able to finish world3 before the Nijmegen fair but well see. The final castle of this world is extremely challenging with big moving blocks again and wierd enemies able to manupilate the blocks with magic etc.

Started on replicating chuck and some easter eggs. We are going to stuff the rom full of those.

By DarkSchneider

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02-01-2017, 13:47

Daemos wrote:

pffff last commit 5 months ago

ASM projects, if not perfectly commented, can be truly annoying to resume.

By Daemos

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02-01-2017, 19:08

We are going fast. The floating on lava skulls and blargh are allready finished and running. Only a few more maps to go and world3 is finished. Then there is forest of illusion and twinbridges both fairly doable with a low amount of maps.

The real challenge is ahead when we start with chocolate island. There are some technical challenges there together with a huge amount of maps propably requiring a huge amount of coding time to get that world finished.

The maps and sprites are comming in faster than I can actually code :S I am starting to hate this game Evil

By valkyre

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29-01-2017, 11:01

Looking forward to seeing world 3. Keep the faith guys!!

By Colemu

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29-01-2017, 14:14

is there a playable demo yet? This looks fantastic Smile

By Sebbeug

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29-01-2017, 14:33

yes, you will find easy with google Smile

By AxelStone

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31-01-2017, 22:18

@Colemu Try it, it's really a master piece. Gameplay, graphics, music...It seems really that you are playing a SNES, not a simple 8bit like MSX2.

In my opinion is the most ambitious project ever made for MSX. If you really can finish it, it'll be a really remarkable milestone.

By Daemos

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01-02-2017, 21:57


If you really can finish it

trust me I can. The progress has surpassed the point of no return. Even though the help sometimes feels limited we have had some valuable help from many sources. World3 is now nearing completion and the maps for world 4 and 5 are finished. World 4 and 5 are forgiving coding wise but world 6 will be extremely challenging. World7 is just more of the same. Once world 3 is finished the project will speed up significantly.

I must admit I really hate the game by now and motivation is problematic. But the team really likes the work. I hear some stuttering here and there (lets stop at world5 etc) but there are no consesions to make. This port will see light! I have all the coding skills to do it myself so only death can stop me now.

There are offcourse 1000000000000 glitches and I most propably will not be able/willing to fix them. It takes another 3 years of coding effort to make the game perfect and to be honest. The focus is on finishing the bloody game.

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