SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system - help needed!

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19-05-2006, 00:57

Well... In theory this is available only in MSX2+ and MSX tR, but there exists also MSX2 users, that have changed their VDP.

If you think about number of users, V9958 support is more important than GFX9000 support, but for usability GFX9000 support may take the OS to "next level" while special V9958 support is just "nice".

Because backround is a window, things may get a bit messy... In this case it would have been much easyer if backround image would be just saved in another page. Maybe you should forget about this at least for a while. Smile

BTW Have you tried to run SymbOS in BlueMSX MSX tR configuration with R800 CPU? Does this effect to speed a lot?


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19-05-2006, 01:10

Go to the impotant stuff, colors are only nice extras

By Algorythms

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19-05-2006, 14:11

Interchangable software! Nice..

On another note: I'd rather see GFX9000 support than v9958. On one hand more people probably have the v9958, but I guess allot of them also have GFX9000, and an OS supporting the GFX would also be a great selling point for new GFX's. Another cool thing is that you can actually use both the GFX and the normal vdp at the same time, which makes allot of interesting possibilities. I.e. you could have a GUI running on the GFX screen for choosing rom/dsk games to run on the normal VDP, cheats etc, kind of like some emulators. You could also have a two screen GUI. Smile

By Leo

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19-05-2006, 15:20

I am for GFX9000 support

By spl

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19-05-2006, 15:35

Well, I think gfx9000 is not important. It's the less important thing about Symbos now.


By wolf_

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19-05-2006, 15:53

What's important and what's not wasn't really the debate tho, 9958 vs gfx9k was.. and I don't think v9958 is very practical for all this compared to the gfx9k., (not to mention that the gfx9k is way faster also!)

I assume apps wouldn't 've need to be rewritten for g9k support (g9k with 4 color-modes that is), so, supporting g9k would not be that daunting a task..


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19-05-2006, 16:18

Go to the important stuff first.

also having 16 colours without breaking CPC compatibility can be an issue,
so, go to disk I/O, general msx2 support and to msx code optimisation
before moving to more exotic HW

By flyguille

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19-05-2006, 16:41

Well UVY modes in v9958 atleast is a bit complicated for GUI because the chrome value is shared between two pixels pairs and odd. So that will limited all the GUI about how to place the windows or the size of windows in values / 2 and how the controls fits inside.

By Trebmint

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19-05-2006, 16:55

Yes the most important thing is to keep cross platform compatibility IMHO

I think supporting more than 256 colours is probably hoping too much, and don't forget that 256 and 16 colour will have to be a fixed palette as the all applications have to share the palette

Plus the conversion from 256 or 16 colours into 4 although a few bit shifts would look ugly, and probably means seperate set of graphics for each mode. And this causes lots of other issues with regards to memory usage

Lets Just let Prodatron get it working properly before asking how it can work better. Smile

By spl

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19-05-2006, 19:25

You're right Trebmint Wink

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