SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system - help needed!

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By Prodatron

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10-06-2014, 15:47

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
Ok yes, let's have a look at some MSX screenshots.
This is the current system font:

This is the new one with a little squiggle:

This is the new one without squiggle:

By flashjazzcat

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10-06-2014, 16:09

IMO, "new without squiggle" is the most readable and elegant. Smile

By edoz

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10-06-2014, 16:37

Funny .. it looks that it is different now not ? Or is it me Wink

By Prodatron

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10-06-2014, 17:47

The good thing is, that everyone can switch to another font if he wish (Control Panel -> Font; the new fonts will be provided as SymbOS FNT files).
What I like about the old system font is, that the difference between lowercase and uppercase letters is much more noticeable. The third one seems to be most elegant and readable, but IMHO you can distinguish lcase and ucase letters not that good. The second one is something in between.
I am currently for the 3rd one. The "w" issue, which NYYRIKKI pointed out, will be corrected.


Enlighted (6033)

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10-06-2014, 18:36

1st font is so 2007 that it needs to go. Smile
The general look of 2nd font is "more smooth" if you understand what I mean, but maybe readability is better for 3rd font... Really hard choice.

By KdL

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11-06-2014, 02:43

3rd is the best! Wink

By Dhampird

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12-06-2014, 20:13

Hello, i tried Symbos2.1 with MMC/SD Sinfox v2.2 in MSX2 HB-F9S modded, i did from msxdos-2:
2.Install in A:symbos
3.The process displays:
Detected "1 svi floppy disc (wd1793) at slot 1"
(cant allow change it?)
4.I finished install anyway
5.I Loaded and i changed settings to MegaSD Driver this way:

6. After that i run Symbos from msxdos-2 and system load ok but if i click any icon or right mouse click i get same error:

(At that point ,OS Only allow me go to start and close to Msx-Dos or close or Basic)

(NOTE: When Turbo 8Mhz is On and i loaded Symbos image icons crash or displayed with artifacts,above image is Symbos with Turbo OFF= normal icon sprites, the mouse worked but movement appears not to be smooth when turbo is ON)

I tried install also for LPE-MMC-V7, same above steps but i cant continue install after this screen:

-MMC/SD Sinfox v.2.2 need correct driver?
-LPE-MMC-V7 not detected?

By Prodatron

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12-06-2014, 23:38

Thanks a lot for the report!
Is the MMC/SD Sinfox v2.2 something which is MegaSD compatible? (like the MegaFlashRomSCC+SCC and the OCM) What kind of interface is it?
The PadialSD card interface is currently not supported. Hope to receive it soon to be able to include it.
What kind of Floppy Disc Controller does your MSX have?

By flyguille

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13-06-2014, 02:23

fantastic work Prodatron, you are bringing the MSX standard into like the Windows 3.x era!, it is done in C or what?


By Dhampird

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13-06-2014, 03:06

Hello, MMC/SD Sinfox v2.2 is a kind of MSX Disk Drive, Hardware consists of SCC, FlashROM and SPI for MMC/SD card, and MMC/SD Sinfox v2.2 uses a dedicated driver if i´m right to allow symbos, it uses –FDMMCSD.DRV that be on system Sinfox Files inside the cartidge, (please see page 26 on MMC/SD Sinfox v2.2 manual:!w8pzzLQK!e_4yCnf-vE5k7EP9eMKsri2v2F5lNEEnehzQwVOSMjs)
I copied –FDMMCSD.DRV to symbos install in a:symbos and i tried load that driver on SELECTED DEVICES with, OS dont boot, seems MMC/SD Sinfox v2.2 recognise it like SVI FDC and i cant change it.
Maybe the Sinfox manual could help.

My MSX2 is a HB-F9S (no FDD in-built), also i could try on HB-F700S (modding yet, no much free time now) , but i have a sony external FDD (HBD-30W + Interface HBK-30) also.

I have to get a Megaflashrom SCC+ SD soon i hope, but i think Sinfox could manage ok SymbOS, maybe anyone had made some tests...

i´m wondering...what features added a GFX9000 with Symbos, more colours on screen or better resolutions only? more features?


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