SymbOS MSX multitasking operating system - help needed!

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By edoz

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20-08-2015, 16:04

Prodatron wrote:

A quick question: Is the Sunrise IDE running with Nextor?

I run Nextor in my Sunrise IDE it is not detected by the setup but you can skip it in the first setup. Then after the setup run the setup and again and choose for the custom version. Then you can add the sunrise with nextor. So that could not be the problem.

By edoz

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20-08-2015, 16:06

osises wrote:

Hi. I try to install Symbos 2.1 and the install program don't work correctly. My machine is:

- Panasonic A1-FX, 512KB RAM (I've test that it works properly).
- Sunrise IDE interface, whith a CF (work perfectly with Symbos 2).

I copy all files and paths to a partition and execute the install. When it start, show this message:

(c)2014 Prodatron/SymbiosiS
Autodetecting mass storage devices..
(FDC detection by Marcos Blanco)

and does not continue. ¿What can I do?

Thanks and regards

Which version of MSX-DOS are you running ? Did you try to start it without loaded anything at startup ? (maybe something is loaded in you autoexec.bat in MSX-DOS ? Are you running on 3 Mhz of 7 ?


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20-08-2015, 17:12

On a party I tried to connect to internet trough some loaned matchbox sized, USB powered 3G <-> LAN adapter... For some reason the link kept going up/down all the time... Then I tried sharing WiFi from my friends Linux laptop... Everything worked fine except that it seems that every IP packet was received two times... practically while telneting all command characters were echoed two times and larger outputs were also repeated two times as blocks... As I can't currently repeat this test I think this is pretty pointless rant, but just FYI... there is still something funny going on... At home network everything works great.

By osises

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21-08-2015, 09:25

I'm not sure, maybe MSX-DOS 2.1 or 2.2, no Nextor. In autoexec.bat only load the CD driver, but there's no real one. I try to install in 3Mhz and 7Mhz with the same result.

I try to install without loading anything in autoexec.bat, then I'll tell.


By edoz

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08-09-2015, 15:34

Some small update regarding SymbOS development:

I hope you guys are having fun if I post some new updates regarding SymbOS development. Although everything is not finished I did some intensive testing last weeks.

Prodatron did some nice work on the desktop which results in this cool new features.

You can now have a lot of ICONS on your desktop (in 16 color support). New is the right click menu which is now introduced to SymbOS as well . This allows you to copy/paste icons, rename them or delete them. There is also a new properties window where you can modify your settings or change icons. Next to that slow double click is introduced as well and drag and drop. Other nice new feature that Prodatron created are the desktop widgets. That allows you to run small applications inside the desktop background. (Which is very cool!!) Especially.. with network.. Prodatron created a nice new clock as an example.

Also there were some improvements in the Network Daemon that allows you now to use DHCP as well. Prodatron is still working on the start menu which will make the start menu much more dynamic. You can have sub- menus and lot's of new items in there. All those new functions i tested looks very stable already!

I worked the last months on a new release of the chat program which was included as a peer to peer chat program in the last beta release. I developed a SymbOS chat services (based on .net) which allows you to chat with multiple users at the same time. (So it is now client/server based) Next to that i created a chat client for windows that allows you to chat between a PC and a MSX.

Last couple days I'm working on a new IRC chat client. But this is in the very beginning of development. So probably this will take a bit longer. But it would be cool to have a generic IRC chat client for SymbOS.

Here is a small screenshot .. but as you can see i need to read more about the IRC protocol ;)

Trebmint is still working on the first release of Unify. (Which i used to make the applications for SymbOS.)

That's it for now.

By giuseve

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08-09-2015, 16:53

So nice !
I have to admit that I didn't installa the last beta release, because it seems not so improvement for my HW.
Anyway I'm waiting for the next full release, with all edoz games and wallpapers and all the stuff actually available for SymBos.

Any news about next full release?
Good Job guys

By Prodatron

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08-09-2015, 22:39

EdoZ, your desktop looks even cooler than my one! Big smile Your IRC client project in Unify is crazy!
@Giuseve: I will release a new beta soon, when all features of the new advanced desktop have been implemented. The startmenu editor is currently missing, but I am working on it.
I am not sure, if we will see the final 3.0 release this year, as I want to add at least two additional nice features (one is 50% network related).
But it should be quite easy to update the existing SymbOS 2.1 files with the 3.0 beta ones just by overwriting them.

By edoz

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11-09-2015, 16:14

Hello everyone.

Today i released the first multi- simple network chat client for SymbOS.
As it seems stable i like to give it a try with multiple users. I hope to see some MSX users online!

Thanks to Prodatron there is now a SymbOS Server online!! for 24x7 Wink

You can download the software HERE

The package contains the following files:

For the MSX:


Just copy the files to your SymbOS program- directory and start it from SymbOS. (Be sure your network daemon is running)

Beside a MSX version i created a small Windows version. (But this one was created just for testing and it is a really simple program. Maybe i will make it better in the future). it's called PCSsymmsg.EXE

The message is using port "Z80" (280) ;) to connect from the inside to the outside. (be sure that is possible. Most of the time that is possible) as it is from inside your network to the outside.

(There is one small focus problem on the MSX version that i need to fix but is not in unify at the moment. After you connect, use your mouse button to focus the text box below. If you don't do that and start typing directly after connecting the focus is still on the Leave button and if you start typing you will be disconnected directly. It is a small thing but it will be fixed in future. So simply after connecting click with the mouse in the textbox and you are fine.)

By Patsie

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12-09-2015, 11:58

Is there a protocol definition of the chat server/client? I'd like to put my hand at writing a simple open source client for modern OSes so others might join the fun from their linux or OSX environment as well.

By flyguille

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12-09-2015, 21:45

Patsie wrote:

Is there a protocol definition of the chat server/client? I'd like to put my hand at writing a simple open source client for modern OSes so others might join the fun from their linux or OSX environment as well.

I am sure he is using the RFC about IRC networks, that is just TEXT LINES communication on ports like 6667.

It is very simple like (IIRC):

JOIN #Channel
LEAVE #Channel
privmsg Nick :Message private
privmsg #Channel Tongueublic message
ping ID
pong sameID

I don't remember if for stablishing the user ID is "LOGIN nick locationID" or "NAME nick locationID" or something , I also remeber there was an ID returned by the server that must be feed back, maybe a ping pong secuence just after the loginl

so, very simple. Practice it using a TELNET console, you can login and joining a channel manually without IRC client.

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