WAVeR v.3 [WIP] - need help

By pitpan

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14-02-2004, 18:03


As you all know, two years ago I coded WAVeR v.2, a PC program that converts MSX ROM files to WAV files ready to be loaded in any MSX computer with a cassette entry.
Now I am coding a new version, because after the upcoming of MicroWaver my tool is a bit obsolte. You can download v.1 and v.2 from www.robsy.net/romconv.htm

The new version (v.3) uses LZH compression to reduce load times and a ultra-fast custom cassette loading rutine that reaches a speed of 8000 bauds (yes, that is 1 KB/sec). The problem is that I need to know if it is really compatible with all MSX with cassette or not.

All you have to do is simply download the test file from www.robsy.net/testwav.zip , test it in your MSX(s) computer(s) and then mail me with the results, indicating which models did you use. Or, if not, just drop a line here, in the MRC forums.

Thank you in advance!

Ed Robsy

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