7 day programming project... Grime Z80!

By keith56

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01-07-2018, 13:48

Please see below for a teaser of a 'Massively multi-platform programming' project I'll be doing this week!

I'm attempting to recreate an old XT-DOS game called 'Grime' on the Z80 - I'm going to try to do the whole thing in 7 days... sounds easy? well perhaps not!

I'm going to try to make one game that can compile on to 11 different target platforms (CPC/ZX/MSX1/MSX2/TI83/Enterprise/SamCoupe/Gameboy/GameboyColor/MasterSystem/GameGear)

The whole thing must be done in just 1 week, and I'll be making a series of videos, and uploading them one a week midweek for people to follow the progress of the project... at the end of the project, the game and source-code will be released free... I'm hoping it will be a good educational tool for people looking to make little multi-platform games,

Check it out:

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By Pencioner

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01-07-2018, 14:36

Great to see that kind of videos coming! Smile

By Manuel

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01-07-2018, 17:29

What, no ColecoVision with Super Game Module? (Basically a 32kB MSX1 with a different sound chip.)

By santiontanon

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02-07-2018, 03:50

Best of luck!! I've been following your progress on twitter Smile

By keith56

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05-07-2018, 02:18

Episode 1 of my 'Grime Z80' programming project is now public, Check it out!


By keith56

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11-07-2018, 11:15

Episode 2 of the Grime Z80 is now up... now with Moving cursor, color tiles and beeps!

By keith56

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18-07-2018, 23:14

Grime Z80 - Episode 3... Bring on the Grime! (and bullets)
The Grime game is actually starting to look like a 'game'... The grime can now grow, and the player can shoot... sort of!
And this is all working on all 11 systems!


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