Arcade Game Designer for MSX

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By zPasi

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07-10-2019, 22:29

I downloaded the current version, where is MSX editor but no compiler yet.

Although AGD is a Windows package, seems to work under Wine (mostly). The script editor / notepad doesn't find the example project scripts, even though they are there. And the Speccy.exe emulators sound doesn't work on a Mac. But not bad considering it's Windows software Smile

By jltursan

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08-10-2019, 18:52

The actual WinAGD is capable of automatically convert a ZX AGD program to MSX just selecting the new platform, very handy. Of course don't expect fancy MSX graphics automagically; but the incorporated graphical tools are good enough to give the gfx the nice MSX touch and then, generate the new source files.

By Timmy

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08-10-2019, 23:08

I am glad that AGD is coming soon to the MSX. It is nice to see that the MSX will also have a lot of games that already existed for AGD on other platforms. Smile

By jltursan

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15-10-2019, 21:10

A little update:

- The engine has BEEP working (based on PPI bit sound)
- It has also the basic AGD SFX working (SOUND command, based on PSG)
- The RAM build is complete, it can handle binaries of about 40KB max.
- Fixed a stupid bug (what else?) in particles engine. Now they work the same as in the official AGD games. Although they're slower than other machines, they can keep easily the frame time and don't slowdown the action. Simply, don't abuse of them...
- BUILD script (Windows only for now, I'll probably add a Shell script to make it work in Linux too) with the aforementioned RAM distribution support and some basics to add a ROM distribution later.

Don't work yet (apart tons of undiscovered bugs):

- TICKER scrolling routine.
- Joystick 2
- The synch routine has still some drawbacks. I'm trying to keep the game loop in a frame time to work with VRAM in vblank at max speed; when it doesn't happens, garbage could appear (or OpenMSX can report this).

The testing over real machines has been ZERO until now; so it must be a priority to do some basic tests first.

@theNestruo: yes, I can free an alpha setup to test.

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