BASE & Video table examples in BASIC

By G_G

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23-03-2014, 17:09

Hi. I'm trying to find useful examples with explanations showing how to use BASE & video table techniques in BASIC. I've found the discussion threads below on the forum and links on other sites, which are useful in some ways.

However, if anyone can point me to a BASIC program/tutorial about this topic that also includes explanation of what each line does I'd really appreciate it. I've spent a couple of hours on this site, with no luck. I do know a fair bit about programming in MSX BASIC, but not this side of things.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me,


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By Lord_Zett

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23-03-2014, 17:33

DON'T use base on a msx1 it distroys your registers. i used it on msx2 but most i use vdp()=x

By Manuel

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24-03-2014, 13:50

base is all about what kind of data is where in the VRAM. So study the VDP docs to find out what it actually means and then look which base 'index' belongs to what.

By G_G

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25-03-2014, 01:02

Thanks for the warning Lord_Zett.

Thanks Manuel. I'll take a look at them.