By Josb

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18-10-2018, 18:12

Hello everyone,

I have found this interesting web where we can see the old bds-c compiler adapted for MSX. The author has modified the bdsc sources in order to get programs which run on MSX-DOS as well as BASIC.

As everybody knows the bds-c was released just for cpm system although there is one version for japan computers called alpha-c which I have never been able to find it. It was used for many professional softwares in the latter seventies and earlier eighties in spite of its limits.

The good point is that the author shares the bds-c modified sources, so it can be easily enhanced because it is not ended yet.

... or simple play with.

Apart from that there are some interesting tools.

bye :)

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By Wolverine_nl

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18-10-2018, 20:45

I just read something about it, also K&R C, like ASCII MSX-C. Interesting read. I also read it can't have assembly inline (standard). You need external applications to get certain things done for MSX.

My K&R C days are behind me, now sticking to ANSI C, no confusions anymore. Wink (I sometimes pulled a K&R trick, which wouldn't work in ANSI C, or it did, but it wasn't necessary at all lolz)

But nonetheless, a great thing for MSX and interested people wanting to take a crack at it.
Great find! Smile

AND for those that add Wiki's, this one could be added to the compiler list as one with content (it is there in red now) Wink

By Josb

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19-10-2018, 11:49


The blunders of BDS C is its lack of capability to manage the reallocation of the code as INTEL does, apart from the fact that It is not allowed to insert assembler in line what would make easier create programs without function libraries supporting.

However, comparing to other compilers, we have the full code on internet for free to modify it according our MSX needs.

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