Best way to load images into screen3 in Basic?

By Pineapple

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20-11-2022, 05:50

Hey, I'm playing around with the idea of using screen3 for a future project and was wondering how to best use screen3.
To put an image on the screen, this is what I came up with:

30 GOTO 30
40 DATA119,113,27,27,27,26,113,119,17,255,31,187,17,177,170,17,17,187,177,187,17,26,170,17,119,23,161,161,161,161,23,119

Is there a better or faster way to do this in basic?
For example, is it possible to load data into vram and then quickly dump it onto the screen somehow?

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By geijoenr

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20-11-2022, 16:22

You mean load the data from disk? you can try BLOAD "FILE",S