Bitsy-Converter: convert Bitsy scripts into MSX-compatible C source.

By haroldo-ok

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17-01-2020, 02:41

This is my current project, Bitsy-Converter.

This tool is capable of converting Bitsy scripts into various formats:

* JSON: A JSON object representing the parsed script; useful for chaining with other tools;
* Arduboy: A ".ino" sketch that can be compiled into an Arduboy game;
* SDCC + LibCV: A ".c" source file designed to be compiled by SDCC, using the LibCV library; this can be used to generate ROMs for either:
-- ColecoVision;
-- SG-1000;
-- Sega Master System (for now, only SG-1000 mode is supported);
-- MSX.

The code generated for Arduboy can be compiled with either the Arduino IDE or ProjectABE (which has a buit-in compiler).

The code generated for SDCC + LibCV can either be compiled with SDCC, or with (which has an online compiler).

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