In case someone is interested... sjasm is now mercurialized, and can assemble Compass sources

By konamiman

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29-05-2015, 15:54

To whom it may concern: I have created a public Mercurial repository with the source code of Sjasm, and I have released a new version that can assemble Compass sources.

But why? Because:

  • I thought that such a good project deserved to live under proper source code control, and not just as a downloadable ZIP file.
  • I actually wanted Sjasm to assemble Compass sources, so that I can first unit test my Z80 code using ZWatcher and then do the final tests in my real MSX using Compass.

If Sjoerd Mastijn is reading this: I'll be more than happy to grant you full access to the repository if you want, I just need an email address (I'm not sure if the address listed in your web site is appropriate for this).

So enjoy it, and now go and create some unit-tested MSX awesomeness! :)

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