Connect your MSX to ONLINE MSX ROMS DATABASE ! with the GR8NET

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By Vampier

Prophet (2336)

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08-07-2016, 22:40

Eric nice to see what you've done. Let me know how I can provide new information to add to your database. I'll be adding more recent releases to the romdb soon.

By marcos.m.carvajal.1

Expert (83)

marcos.m.carvajal.1's picture

06-08-2016, 23:38

Hi. I'm having some trouble with the Load command and the gr8net. I keep getting a "Device I/O error"

It worked for me the first day, but now I can't get to make it work.
The cart seems to work. I can set a host name, a directory, browse the files and load them using enter. But I also get errors if I use callnetbload. Am I missing something?

Also, does anybody knows if there is a way to load .bas files using the browse command?

By ericb59

Paladin (922)

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07-08-2016, 08:31

As the webserver is linux based, uppercase letters and lowercase letters are not the same (like on Windows)

enter the full Url in lowercase letters, and it will go well... Wink

By marcos.m.carvajal.1

Expert (83)

marcos.m.carvajal.1's picture

07-08-2016, 23:09

And it does! Thanks!
I think this database browser is the future. Honestly, I'm tired of the 8.3 names and Sofarun being able to read the full lenght names inside zip files is great, but somehow limited. If the community make a universal name convention for roms and disks, kind of like MAME has, it would save a lot of headaches for MSX simpletons like me.

By Meits

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07-08-2016, 23:54

That, and have all bad dumps disappear... I've had numerous occasions that I ran into them...
So, as this online romdatabase is based on Vampier's romdatabase, my question to either ericb59 or Vampier is if the checksums of these roms are of the originals/100% clean versions.

By toughkidCST

Rookie (19)

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13-09-2016, 02:44

As far as I'm concerned, gr8net is the greatest of all Msx blessings.

Good job! Ericb59.

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