Dig dug in basic


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22-05-2018, 07:32

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By JohnHassink

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22-05-2018, 07:40

That's amazing! Even if it needs R800 apparently.

By TheKid

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22-05-2018, 08:00

looks really nice.

By journey

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22-05-2018, 10:34


By santiontanon

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22-05-2018, 16:59

Woah! VERY impressive!!!

By Pippo

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22-05-2018, 17:42

Really Super Impressive!!!


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22-05-2018, 19:19

There are many other incredible games on the same channel

By wimpie3

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22-05-2018, 20:47

Too bad the source code is not available. I'd like to see how they've done this. But if I'm not mistaken, a TurboR is used, which executes Basic faster.

By alexito

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22-05-2018, 21:51

The kind of programming skills remind me PARADREAM for TurboR/OCM.
The main game is made using Machine Code but the Setting Menus and Intros are made using MSX BASIC.


By gdx

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23-05-2018, 00:37

b.p.s. has made also a graphic patch for The Tower Of Druaga Rom.
Dig dug, Pac-Man and Druaga in Basic for Turbo R do not seem to have been released.

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