DSK-PRO 10.0 Don't Mess With Me Again Edition

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By thinlizzy

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29-01-2016, 22:06

I've tried it and I absolutely loved it!

Amazing piece of work! You must be a genius! People like you is who keep MSX being one of the greatest computers ever!

Please tell us when will you release more new versions! I can't wait to test all of them!

MSX is alive!

By cbsfox

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30-01-2016, 03:57


By tcm1998

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11-03-2017, 05:38

Sorry for being late to the party (I suspended my msx hobby formore than 10 years). I'm writing a Disk Manager tool for windows with a lot more posibilties than the lexlechz one. For now it's more or less an empty shell that can read (unprotected) dsk files so be patient, but ...

I already looked in to reading and writing DMK. I will look into supporting PDI files too. Don't expect reading or writing real protected disks though. That's probably WAY beyond my skills.

By Gregory

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15-10-2017, 13:25

cbsfox wrote:

DSK-PRO 10.0 Don't Mess With Me Again Edition RELEASED!


1 - Hard Mode created. With this special protected mode enabled, it's possible to copy disks with Overlapping Sectors Lock and Clone Sectors Lock.

2 - Millenium BUG found and fixed. Since the first version of DSK-PRO there was a HUGE BUG that made DSK-PRO not to work properly in some machines.

3 - The speed in normal mode is even faster. There is no copier in the world faster than DSK-PRO.

4 - The compatibility with all different msx computers has increased a lot.

5 - Minor bugs fixed.

Some opinions from the most important people around the world:

"DSK-PRO 10 is faster than my Ferrari. I am gonna hand it back to the seller..." Madonna

"This tool is incredible. It has copied all my cars in seconds..." Lewis Hamilton

"In more than 30 years in IT industry, there was nothing better than DSK-PRO. All my windows operation systems has been copied by this evil tool..." Bill Gates

PS: Of course there are still some locks that can not be copied for now.

*********** ATTENTION ***********
Don't use another DOS1 instead the one inside the DSK file. If you use another one, it may not load the file DSKPRO.COM correctly.
If you use DOS2 or Nextor, no problems.

Enjoy it!

Download files section:
1 - DSKPRO10.zip - http://1drv.ms/1O6h6oy
2 - DSK-PRO_MANUAL.txt - http://1drv.ms/1O6h8g8

Program by:
Marcos Daniel Blanco de Oliveira

Auxiliar routines:
Rudolf Arthur Frans Gutlich

Beta testers:
Claudio Henrique Picolo
Félix Diego Martínez Valverde
El R Castillo
Fernando Manuel Garcia
Ulisses Araújo
Werner Augusto Roder Kai

Emotional support:

I can't download it. I believe the shortened 'onedrive' links aren't working anymore.
Like to get my hands on the program and the manual.

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