[FUSION-C] Compiler not working.

By blackorwhite

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08-07-2020, 23:48

Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english.

I have several problems trying to compile the test.c program.
I bought the book FUSION-C Complete Journey, where is described how to install all the needed tools.
I followed all the steps (using Mac OSX) but when I use Comand+B to build the test.c program, the log is showing this:

....(╯°□°) temp files removed!
# Starting emulator script
...Now Starting OpenMsx
./openMSX/emul_start.sh: line 10: NULL: command not found

No file is generated into DSK folder. Openemu is starting.
I installed everything (Hex2bin, sdcc compiler, etc...) Every tool installed step by step as shown in the book.
I don't know whats wrong here....

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