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By msxatariamigaco...

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27-01-2014, 17:32

hello everybody i found an new zx spectrum game that looked very nice to port on the msx! maybe an easy job to do i dont know because i dont have no how on it myself but maybe an idea for game makers?

i tougth it was a pretty cool game that i would love to play on the msx!

and the site from the game makers i think:

greetz MaaC :)

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28-01-2014, 09:42

By msxatariamigacommodore

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28-01-2014, 11:17

i wish there was much more options in playing games from other systems on the msx!

looks like a nice shooter artrag!!!

By Akiguchi

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28-01-2014, 11:19

Uridium on the C64 looks a lot nicer than the Spectrum port. Would it be possible on the MSX or MSX2?


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28-01-2014, 17:41

Uridium on the C64 has a very fast horizontal scroll and a colorful background with lots of shadowing and details
You can try to get something similar on msx2+ using hw registers for scrolling.

On msx2, bitmap modes are too heavy to implement fast scrolling. Even my demos in screen 5 and screen 8 scroll at 1-2 pxs per frame where Uridium has to scroll at variable speeds from 1-2pxs/frame (min) to 8pxs/frame (max speed).
Maybe you could implement it vertically, using the sole HW vertical scroll register.
It would look like a sort of Aleste scrolling in two directions.

Anyway there are always tile based modes.
This has been done on a TI99/4A that is based on the same vdp (TMS9918) used on msx1 using screen 2
where the author has implemented vertical scrolling to avoid color clash

From the same guy here there is a demo in screen 1 with horizontal scrolling (it looks very good IMHO)

By Hrothgar

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28-01-2014, 18:00

Uridium on C64 does not seem to be particularly colour-rich. If you carefully align the colour borders with the tile borders and use dithering, you can emulate most of it on screen 2. You'll have to give in a bit on horizontal colour richness, but MSX can beat the C64 vertically where colour usage is concerned. Anyhow, pixel-perfect copying should not be the goal, it's the general look-and-feel of the game.

The speed is such that it would even work in 8px block scroll on MSX1 (see Zanac), add progressive enhancement on MSX2 (hardware scroll) and 2+ (border masking) and it is a perfect candidate for a game that scales nicely on all MSXes.


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28-01-2014, 18:29

This is what I said. Avoid bitmap modes and go tile mode.
Anyway on msx1 8px tile scroll would spoil a big part of the beauty of the game that seems based on inertia and changes of speed of the Manta ship.

By msxatariamigacommodore

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28-01-2014, 20:29

nes version

i wish we could play nes games on the msx

By hit9918

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28-01-2014, 20:44

The TI99 version is great.

By o.geerdink

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28-01-2014, 20:50

If I had time I would make a game that controls like pc shooter, awsd for your dude or vehicle and mouse to aim and shoot. It will make awesome action games imagen zanac shooting like that, not only avoid enemies and enemy-fire but also be able to aim in all directions (which it already had a bit especially with weapon 0 and weapon 7) Cool

Too bad I am now professional developer and learned to focus on 1 project at a time which will be a midi program with gfx9000 gui, but if I was unemployed and less experiences I'd do a lot of msx projects and such a game would be one!

By anonymous

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28-01-2014, 22:21

msxatariamigacommodore wrote:

i wish we could play nes games on the msx

You should've asked me for a demonstration of MNESX at Nijmegen...

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