How can I compile asMSX in windows 10?

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By fubukimaru

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08-12-2020, 17:27

Thanks for the changes @dhau!

Maybe if there is enough interest we can open, as dhau told me before, any way to communicate. An thread or other alternative Smile.

@santiontanon if you need more info, do not hesitate in asking us!

By santiontanon

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08-12-2020, 18:21

Ah! Thanks for the info and the updates!

Sure! Will do! I found asMSX to be well documented except for those two things I mentioned above, but if I have any other questions, I'll definitively ask you guys, thanks again! Smile

By dhau

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08-12-2020, 20:41

For anyone else curious about MDL: MDL (a Z80 assembler optimizer)

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