La Reliquia (new game)

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By jltursan

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06-11-2020, 15:59

thegeps wrote:

A request for jltursan. I've seen some videos of AGD games for msx, and when there is a scene change the screen drawing is visible. Can you add a call to 41h before level drawing and a call to 44h after the scene building is complete? I wrote 41h and 44h thinking about bios still there, but obviously I was meaning about screen disable/enable

Seems a good idea; but believe me that's not. My first objective has been always the maximum compatibility level with the original AGD engine and in this engine the screen is always visible (obviously only MSX VDPs are capable of that, maybe CPCs are also capable of blanking the display?, don't know...) and with games using any kind of marquee, the blanking sometimes makes an unpleasant effect. In the MSX2 engine, as the blanking has high impact in VDP speed I've tried this trick and maybe it's me, but I found it really annoying, check by yourself:

AGD MSX2: Foggy's Quest again (early engine version)

..but probably the best solution could be to open a poll to let programmers decide :D

By thegeps

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08-11-2020, 02:08

LoL, if you check comments to video you'll se I've already seen it and congratulated with you for good work (Geppo's msx adventure is me). I've appreciated the screen blanking (I think it appear more professional than see tha screen building)

By jltursan

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08-11-2020, 12:04

Hahaha, LOL!

Oh, it really helps a LOT when drawing SC5 data; so I'll think about it. Anyhow, right now it's really ugly to see the marquee being built and then blanking and showing again the fully built screen. I can live with the disabled display when changing screens; but I don't like at all the marquee behaviour, I need to blank it as well.

By ro

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10-11-2020, 17:01

By roolandoo

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21-11-2020, 14:47

Friends, I have added the ROM format to the MSX version of "La Reliquia" (Previously it was only available in .DSK).

As always, you can download it for free at:


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