max-c memcpy() question

By Roland007

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08-03-2018, 23:02

I am looking to implement LEFT,MID and RIGHT functions in MSX-C.
I tried using memcpy(dest,src,size) for an implementation of left but it hangs.

Does anyone have a library of string manipulation functions that implement these basic functions? after all implementing InStr by subtracting the source strings address from the location found by strstr() which isn't implemented in MSX-C, is a lot of research for something others must have solved already.

Thanks all

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By Sylvester

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09-03-2018, 00:23

I have the strstr() function and some other string functions in
but not the left, mid and right.

By Roland007

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09-03-2018, 08:16

Thanks! If you need decent C code for MSX-C, google can help. Ask for Berkeley University C [Functionname]. Google will give you C code written in K&C C from the 90's if that function was part of the C library. Its a little disappointing to see that ASCII did not implement the STDC library because that already existed at that time.

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