MSX Application Templates for MS Visual Studio

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By DamnedAngel

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25-01-2020, 16:26

Version 0.3.0 released, introducing the MSX-DOS application template!

Relevant Link + Downloads.


  • [N] Introduction of the MSX-DOS application template!
  • [N] Added support for filesystem settings (dev/lib directories, output directories, output binary file names).
  • [N] Added support for CODE-LOC and DATA-LOC parameter customization, including automatic CODE-LOC optimization for MSX-DOS.
  • [B] Added global variables initializer.

[N] New feature
[B] Bug correction

Folks, pls let me know of any bugs, difficulties and sugestions!

1. Github: check.
2. Github releases: check.
3. Markdown documentation: pending.
Almost there. :D

By ToriHino

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25-01-2020, 22:42

Great work, the update i was waiting for Smile

By DRomero

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30-01-2020, 18:08

Thank you!!!

By ToriHino

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11-02-2020, 00:58

Finally got some time to test and getting it to work was easy, the example program builds without any problem. I used VS2019 and generated a MSX-DOS Application project.

First thing i noticed is that setting the the paths in TargetConfig_Debug or Release does not do anything i.e. the make.bat file just uses the settings defined in the .bat file itself.

By akumajo

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11-02-2020, 07:36

Thank you for making this achievement available to us, it's always exciting to discover new development tools!

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