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By Wolverine_nl

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17-10-2017, 15:03

AxelStone wrote:

Hi Eric, you are right, SDCC is a powerful cross compiler, however it has a serious problem: its lack of libraries. I decided to use MSX-C basically because it has the best set of libraries, the official ASCII MSX-C libs for handle basically all aspects of MSX. There is a way to get a "more or less" confortable MSX dev environment using MSX-C: OpenMSX + folder as disk.

1.- Follow steps of http://www.lavandeira.net/relearning-msx/ to setup your environment.
2.- Using OpenMSX, use feature "folder as disk". In that folder you edit your sources using a modern editor like Notepad++.
3.- Compile it using OpenMSX throtle function (F9) to speed up compilation.

It's not perfect since PC compilation with SDCC will be faster, but you have a lot of libraries available. I hope that in a near future SDCC will have as many libraries as MSX-C :(

This ^^
I used a folder that I shared from a mounted image file so I could realtime test on a real MSX using the Nowind after compilation.

By hit9918

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17-10-2017, 16:11

@ericb59 look at this

the point is that you can make your own gfx commands in C. without needing asm.
and a lot folks know help about how to code the VDP.

By AxelStone

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19-10-2017, 16:59

I suggest @ericb59 give a try to MSX-C since you have graphic libraries instead of creating your own. Let us know if you have any question using these libs Wink

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