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By ducasp

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31-08-2019, 23:34

If you can use mapper, you can use ramhelpr and use a mapper segment for your interrupt routine, I've made an UNAPI driver this way and it works really well (my current driver no longer uses interrupts but the first concepts did use it), then just place the ramhelpr hook call to execute your code an place it into the third segment. Just remember that you have no assurance that bios or DOS will be on page 0,so any routines you may need, you must ensure to do interslot calls.

By Grauw

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01-09-2019, 00:12

Sounds good. You can use CALLF, which is exactly 5 bytes and fits in a hook, then you won’t need the small helper routine.

By ericb59

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14-09-2019, 10:42

The new version of FUSION_C 1.2 is available.

What's up...
Fixes, optimizations, and new features, including MSX2 VDP features, Support of the V9990 and GR8NET TCPIP

- CheckBreak: Check Break sequence in MSX-DOS console

- PutCharHex: Pint Hex conversion of a char on console

- PrintHex: Print Hex conversion of an integer on console

- HMMM: Vram to Vram

- LMMC: Ram to Vram Fast Copy Function

- YMMM: Vram to Vram Fast Copy to Y Position

- HMMV: High speed draw filled rectangle

- LMMV: High speed filled rectangle with operator

- MouseReadTo: Fast Read mouse state and buttons to variable structure

- Itoa: Integer to Char conversion

- StrReverse: Reverse a string

- BoxFill: Fast Draw of a box on screen (easy version of HMMV / LMMV)

- BoxLine: Fast Draw of an empty box on screen

Added support for the V9990 by porting the TeamBomba's GFX9K graphics library to SDCC (Thanks to Sylvain). (beta, no manual, but a .h file to read!)

Added TCP TCP Support for GR8NET Cartridge (Thanks to Eugeny) (beta. No manual but a .h to read!)

The library is still free.
To download this version, 2 possibilities:
on the Repro-Factory Site:
or on GitHub:

Be happy and code for MSX !
See you

By raymond

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15-09-2019, 14:54

Oh, nice!

Will there also be a version to use natively on a real MSX with MSX-C version 1.2?

By ducasp

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15-09-2019, 15:58

I think Eugeny's library is for UNAPI TCP-IP devices in general, so it is not only for GR8NET support but all network adapters for MSX that support UNAPI (Denyonet, SM-X, Obsonet, XSWIFI, etc), which was really great from him not going through GR8NET specific code only...

By hardwaremaker

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18-09-2019, 15:30

The PutText function doesn't work since the V1.1. The compiler says "error102: too few parameters"

By akumajo

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18-09-2019, 16:16

Since the V1.1a PutText has a fourth parameter (logical operator). Please see the V1.2 Quick Manual Wink

By hardwaremaker

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18-09-2019, 16:42

akumajo wrote:

Since the V1.1a PutText has a fourth parameter (logical operator). Please see the V1.2 Quick Manual Wink

Thank you. I tested with brick breaker code, putting 0 in the last parameter, and compiles well.

By ericb59

Paragon (1099)

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19-09-2019, 09:43

Brick Breaker Demo, was updated to be compiled without error with Fusion-C 1.2
Please download the new source code from or the GitHub repository.

By yustmenl

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26-11-2019, 20:36

Maybe this is not the right location but hopefully someone can help me.

i am trying to set-up the fusion environment with subfolders for diffrent projects.
But when when a project is in a folder i can't compile it, it needs to be in the root of the working folder.

is there a way to compile it within the project folder? and not have all the other files and tools in all the project folders?

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